Ask your Rep. to co-sponsor post-viral ME Research Funding

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Help us win support for post-viral ME/CFS Research Funding. COVID-19 survivors are frequently exhibing long term symptoms likened to ME. Sources from Dr. Fauci himself to CNN, Forbes and Fox News are mentioning ME in the context of COVID-19.

URGENT ACTION ALERT: Ask your Representative to Co-sponsor H.R. 7057!
Solve M.E. is proud to endorse H.R. 7057, The Understanding COVID-19 Subsets and ME/CFS Act, to authorize a $60m program expansion for ME/CFS research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and expand public and medical education ME/CFS initiatives.

This legislation will bolster ME/CFS research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) by an additional $60 million for ME/CFS research projects and expanding into connections between ME/CFS and COVID-19 survivors. It will also enable existing public education programs to include ME/CFS and post-viral disease information, with a focus on early diagnosis.

It is essential that as many co-sponsors as possible join this action in a united voice to call for increased funding for post-viral research into ME/CFS.

Please contact your Representative TODAY and ask them to ask them to join this effort.

We in the ME community know more than anyone the incredible suffering and life-long damage that post-viral ME will cause many COVID-19 survivors. Please do as many of these actions as you can. If you have questions or problems, please reach out to me (

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