Keep pressuring Congress for ME research funding

imageThe US House of Representatives is considering HR 7057, which would give $60 million over a 4 year period to the NIH for research into post-viral ME.  In previous infections like COVID-19, a turnover rate from viral infection to ME/CFS was  around 12%.  So we need you to please keep up the pressure on the House to move this legislation forward.

Even if you have contacted them on HR 7057 already, if we want to ever see this funding, we need to keep up the pressure.  So to the extent that you have the energy and health to do so, and especially if you are a healthy ally, please work through as much of the below as you can, and repeat every few days if you can!

  1. Rep. Perlmutter is the only Colorado representative to have co-sponsored it yet.  No matter who your rep is or what your party is, please thank him on Twitter at @RepPerlmutter and  It could be as simple as: Thank you @RepPerlmutter for co-sponsoring #HR7057.  You are a true leader for #pwME and #COVIDlonghaulers in the fight for post-viral #MECFS research.
  2. If Rep. Perlmutter is your rep, email him and call his office at 202-225-2645.
  3. Like/Share/Retweet whatever you can about #HR7057 on social media.
  4. If Rep. Perlmutter isn’t your rep, use Solve ME/CFS’s CONGRESSIONAL MESSAGING TOOL to send an email to your Representative.  Email them using some form of this email and call using this call script.   You can find your Rep’s email address at
  5. HR 7057 is in desperate need of more Republican co-sponsors, so regardless of where you live or your party, please reach out to our Republicans on Twitter at @RepKenBuck, @RepDLamborn, @RepTipton.  On Instagram at repkenbuck, douglamborn and repscotttipton, and Facebook at, and  Just say something like:  @RepKenBuck, please co-sponsor #HR7057 to fund post-viral #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis research. ME always has a huge economic cost.  If we don’t do anything about #covidlong causing post-viral #MECFS, the job loss and economic impact will be devastating.

In solidarity,

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