Biking across USA for ME/cfs

Colorado route 2Bertus Geertsema is riding the 4233 mile Transamerica Bicycle Trail from Astoria, OR to Yorktown,VA to raise awareness and research funding for ME/cfs (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome). He will be crossing into Colorado in a day or two. The route follows mostly rural two-lane highways. So far, he has ridden through Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming posting spectacular photos of his trip on his Instagram account @MultiVenturist.

“The TransAmerica Bicycle Trail was the first bicycle touring route to cross the U.S. It was developed and mapped by Adventure Cycling Association, and travels between Astoria, Oregon, and Yorktown, Virginia, along mostly rural, two-lane highways. The TransAmerica Bicycle Trail began as the route for Bikecentennial, a mass bicycle tour across the country to celebrate the U.S. Bicentennial in 1976. The route was developed and mapped in the years preceding the event by volunteers and staff members of the organization Bikecentennial, which changed its name to Adventure Cycling Association in 1993. Over 4,100 cyclists rode at least part of the route during Bikecentennial, with 2,000 riding the entirety of the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail.”

bike and mountains 300x300Bertus was inspired to take on this challenge by family members that suffer from this disease.  He has set up a page to raise funds via the Open Medicine Foundation for ME/CFS research.

“Because I can get up every day, because I have the energy to get on my bike and ride and experience sunrises and sunsets and hills and valleys. And all along the way, when the burn in my legs and the pain in my knees will want to make me slow down or stop, I will be thinking of those who don’t share this basic human ability that the rest of us enjoy so freely. Please think about that next time you’re doing something fun, going for a run or a hike, playing with your kids, or even just getting up and going to work. There is someone else laying in bed, just hoping to understand their condition better so that they can regain the life we all take for granted.”

Follow his progress on Instagram: @multiventurist or his website

TAT map cropLearn more about the Transamerica Trail at


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