WHEN – Saturday May 11, 1:00 to 4:00 pmcapitol decor

WHERE – Colorado State Capitol, 200 E. Colfax Ave, Denver

WHY – We are part of a global campaign (At least 93 events will be held during this week in USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, UK, Australia, Japan and South Africa) for health equality for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. These events  bring attention to the need for huge increases in investment in medical research and medical training to treat ME.

LOGISTICS – There will be a spacious clean ADA compliant portolet on the premises. You can sit on the Capitol steps. Bring a cushion to make it more comfy, or your own folding chair. Dress in layers. Bring a hat or buy one of our custom MEAction Colorado visors. We will have water available. 

PARKING – The governor’s office has allowed us to use their parking spaces in the circle for people with ME or with other mobility challenges. Please let us know if you need a space. Enter on 14th Street on the south side of the Capitol. There will be a speaker on a post on the right with instructions posted. For the able bodied there is street parking near the Capitol and nearby lots.

 PHOTOS – Yes, do take pictures if you like. Here is the link to upload photos of the event.

 SHIRTS – If you have not ordered your shirt yet you might get it in time if you pay for express delivery.

This is the current style MEAction $15.00 cotton blend shirt.

Zazzle offers a $29.55 all cotton original 2015 shirt.

Or you can buy one of the extras that will be available at the event on Saturday.

Or just a wear a red (or blue) shirt from your closet, or a red tie or scarf . . . MEAction buttons will be available for purchase, and free stickers and bracelets will complete your look.

 SHOES – The shoes represent those who are missing from their lives due to ME. Over 100 pairs were donated this year for this event! They are all tagged with Red tags to fit in with the MEAction color scheme. The shoes in front of the speaker’s podium will have names. Shoes with blank tags will be on the stairs leading from Lincoln Blvd up to the event location.

You are welcome to bring more shoes. We will have plenty of extra red tags. If you want to take your shoes home afterwards, please tape your name to the soles.

 SIGNS – If you have printed signs from your ‘Ally Team Photo’. Or signs you have made for any previous events, please bring them. Write your name on the back so they will follow you home and be ready for the next virtual demonstration.

 SCHEDULE – We scheduled more time this year so there will be time to visit and check out the displays. There will be live music when you arrive and the shoe display is getting set up. Then there will be speakers. This year’s theme is ‘Finding your Allies’ so we reached out to other organizations and individuals with whom we have common goals. We also have two doctors who have treated #pwME. And of course, members’ personal stories.  After John Kelty gives his ‘Call to Action’ speech he will lead an attention-catching demonstration.

SOCIAL MEDIA – If you choose to live-post at the event, or later, please use the hashtags #MillionsMissing #DenverColorado and handles @meactnet and @MEActionCO.

DONATE – We are short of our funding goal for this year’s events. If you can make even a small donation, here is the link. Any funds received above our expenses will assist MEAction in their advocacy work for the #MillionsMissing around the world.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help with. See you there!


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