Look Back at #MillionsMissing 2018

Xander and Julie with sign 300

Julie and son Xander

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 11th! As we start planning for the 2019 #Millions Missing rally, here’s a recap of last year’s event.

May 12th 2018 saw our first #MillionsMissing event. We held the rally at the state Capitol in Denver late morning to avoid a hot afternoon. So, of course, the morning started gray and drizzly. We had plastic sheets to cover our display boards and flyers on the tables.

The weather improved by the time our scheduled activities started. Several members told their stories about living with ME. Two people who were unable to attend sent their stories to be read by volunteers.

  •  Dr. Liz (reading herself) (from Westminster)
  •  Cody (reading himself) (from Pueblo)
  •  Julie (reading herself) (from Elizabeth)
  •  Beth (read by Hannah) (Beth from Fort Collins; Hannah from Louisville)
  •  Kris (read by Alida) (Kris from Livermore; Alida from Loveland)
  •  Lee-Anne (beautifully read by her twelve year old daughter Erin) (both from Denver)

Our guest speaker was Wayne Connell, President of Invisibile Disabilities. Nathan Young, husband of member Dr. Liz, MC’d the event. He, also, designed all the graphics. Friends of one of our members provided live music.

Information tables were set up to distribute flyers about ME to visitors. Display boards showed pictures and stories about our members who are living with the disesase.

Nora and gang 300x300Diane Edes gave the welcome talk and John Kelty wound up the event with a rousing call to action.

It was the first time for many to meet someone else suffering from the same illness and to make new friends.

Here’s the link to the picture gallery. Take a look.

Here’s the YouTube link to watch some of the videos.

This year we would like to reach even more people.

Tell us your ideas on how to do so!

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