MEAction at Denver’s Womxn’s March

UPDATE: Jan 15,2019 – Here is the updated map for the Womxn’s March showing our meeting place and the shorter, alternate ADA route that we will be following.

womxns march route_origwheelchair paint b 300


Raise ME awareness in a big way at the 3rd annual Women’s (Womxn’s) March!

We invite anyone with ME who is willing and able, to meet and walk the shorter ADA route, along with our healthy allies, friends and families who can push wheelchairs to represent the #pwME that we love who are too ill to participate.

If you are not well enough to join the march, let us represent you!  In the comments tell us;
1) How long you have had ME
2) Your city

Bring your friends and family, put on your MillionsMissing shirt and let’s make some noise !!

Please RSVP here or on Facebook. Let us know in the comments if you can bring along a wheelchair or 2  just for the day.

Get creative and make a sign either about your #pwME or about HHS or NIH like these examples:
“NIH: STOP discriminating Against Women and M.E.,Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/CFS”

“HHS – Continue the work of the CFSAC – #MissionNOTaccomplished”

Link to Official March info.:


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