ME activist will be a “living book” at Ft. Collins library


MEAction CO member Erin McGrath single-handedly scored the ME community a major public event:  she will be a “living book” at the Ft. Collins downtown library on Saturday, Feb. 2!  Erin says, “this is an incredible opportunity to help educate the public of all ages, on invisible illnesses, chronic illness, and what ME/CFS really looks like. I’m over the moon that they are doing this type of event!!!”

Erin has had ME since 2015 and was only diagnosed after Unrest clued her in to what her doctors’ didn’t know to diagnose.  She had had Fibromyalgia for many years before that until it had gone into remission.

The Poudre Library District describes the concept, “Instead of checking out print books, you “check out” people serving as books in the Living Library.  Though simple in name, the actual Living Library experience is rich and wide-ranging for both you, the reader, and the storytellers, the books. You hear the real-life stories of people in your community who have volunteered to share their unique perspectives, talents, backgrounds, or experiences.”

Erin hopes this will “inspire others to look for similar programs at their libraries, or even to pitch the idea to them and come as a book themselves as well.”  My Parker library does not seem to have this concept so I will pitch it to them sometime.  Additionally, I think many libraries allow you to set up a table or display outside as part of your free speech rights.  I did this once for some other event in Parker and the paperwork was simple.

Stay tuned for more information and check out her Facebook event!

Well done, Erin… we all thank you for seizing this great opportunity and look forward to Feb 2!

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