Take a Tour of our Website

business card 1side 20180804 300x175Take a look  at the changes we’re making on the MEActionCO website!

How many times have you been trying to explain to people what ME is and what we’re doing here at MEAction Colorado? Well the website can be your virtual handout.

The Home page now has a quick introduction about ME and the ME community in Colorado. There’s a little longer explanation about ME on the next tab, What is ME.

Read the latest  posts on the Blog tab. While you’re there, sign up to get updates delivered to your email box. And check out the feeds from our Twitter and Instagram accounts. If you are on those social media platforms follow us and share, retweet, and re-post.  It will take all our voices to get our message heard.If you are not on already social media yet, consider taking that step. There is a huge global virtual ME community out there and a lot happening this year. We are following and followed by over 100 MEAction groups and people from all over the world.

Write, call and meet with our Senators to get their support for our #pwME. Find their contact info on the Taking Action tab along with posts about our latest actions.

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” You can help get our message out by contacting your local news media about YOUR ME story. When it gets published, let us know and we will post a link on the News tab.

Relive the day or see it for the first time! You can find all the photos and videos from 2018 #MillionsMissing Visibility Action day on the Gallery tab. We also have a spot reserved for arts and crafts from the creative members of our community.

Donate if you can to support our work to raise awareness of ME and it’s impact on Coloradoans.

Learn about the story of our group. Well, it’s been just a few months, but we are excited to see the growth of the MEActionCO community and invite you to join us in whatever way your health and time permits. We will be adding bios and stories soon.

Contact us with questions or any stories or ideas that you would like to share. We welcome writers. You don’t need to be Hemingway to share your story or report on ME news.

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