Hey, we are Congressional Lobbyists!

Lobbyists at Gardners office 300x300Here’s the MEActionCO team* in front of Senator Cory Gardner’s office building on May 29,2018. We had a positive meeting with his Regional Coordinator, Steven Emmen. We are encouraging Sen. Gardner to co-sponsor Senate Resolution 508 (SR508) to raise awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

In summary, SR508 

  • supports the goals of ME/CFS International Awareness Day and
  • recognizes and affirms the commitment of the United States to discovering the cause of, and a cure for ME/CFS and
    improving the availability and quality of medical care for individuals with ME/CFS.

You can read the full text here. It is short and easy to understand. It does not involve any policy statements or address funding. But, if it comes to a vote and is passed in the Senate, it will be a first step towards health equality for ME.

There are lots of firsts involved. SR508 is the first time since 1994 that a bill addressing ME has been introduced. If this is passed, it will be the first ME bill to do so. And this was the first time the MEAction Colorado team paid a visit to one of our congressional representatives. We presented facts about ME in Colorado and members briefly spoke about impact on their lives or the lives of their loved ones. Mr Emmen asked us some thoughtful questions. Well done, team!

You too can encourage your senators to support SR508.  Here’s a link where you can send an email with just a couple of clicks.

*Tina had to leave before we remembered to take a photo and several of our other team members were unable to join us because ME raised its ugly head and laid them low today. We did our best to represent them.

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